Moi International Airport

Airside Pavements at Moi International Airport, Mombasa, Kenya – Construction of New Apron slab and Repair / Rehabilitation of existing Apron Slabs (2020)

The existing Apron Slabs consisting of a total Area 41,808 SM , constructed 30 years back had 70% deterioration. Somers was subcontracted to repair and rehabilitate the identified areas. The works included full depth repair-full slab replacement, full depth repair-partial slab replacement, Partial depth repair 50 mm, sealing of cracks with appropriate epoxy and all joints repair.

Somers was subcontracted to lay new PCC slab of total area 18,218 SM. The works included installation of side formwork, dowels installation, place, vibrate, level and trowel the concrete. Installation of contraction, construction and expansion joints to the placed concrete.

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