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Somers Engineering Limited has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise over the many years we have be operating. We are committed to always providing quality service and innovative engineering solutions whilst at the same time always adding value to our customers by accelerating their engineering performance all under one umbrella.

Building Tomorrow Together

Established in 1987, Somers Engineering Limited is a Multidiscipline Engineering Services Company.

We are committed to fulfilling the challenging demands and rapidly changing needs that building construction presents by providing our clients unsurpassed expertise. The Company has surrounded itself with some of the very highly qualified technical and practical professionals who have been involved in the success of Somers. Our innovative team is agile with solutions, experts in the specialized systems that our clients require and a trusted source with genuine dedication to client satisfaction.

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Our Specialization

With close to 35 years of experience as Somers Engineering we have developed the following specializations: 

Our Core Specialties:

Post Tensioning

The strengthening of concrete by tensioning the steel and concrete compression.

Structural Investigations & Retrofitting

Our highly experienced team are experts in investigating, diagnosis and repair of all forms of structures.

Design & Build

We have our own highly professional team and equipment capable of executing projects

Beam & Block Flooring

Our partners EcoConcrete are manufacturers of Beam & Block flooring

Concrete Fibers

We are dealers in the high quality of concrete fibers.

Continuous Professional Development

We share our vast experience and knowledge base and we offer courses for Engineers CPD.

Our Recent Projects

We have undertaken numerous projects across East Africa. Here are some recent highligts: 

Our Expert Team


Managing Director

Arjan Shankla is the founder of Somers Engineering Ltd , Fellow of Institution of Civil Engineers and Fellow of Institution of Structural Engineers. He has over 40 years of experience in design, investigation and repair and retrofitting of structures.



Gerald Taylor is the co-founder of subsidiary company EcoConcrete Ltd, which specializes in Beam & Block flooring solutions. He has over 30 Years of experience in general contracting and property development.


Coordination Engineer

Hemal Patel is a civil/Structural Engineer with 15 years of experience in Coordinating and executing projects in East and central Africa. He holds a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from Australia.

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